Congratulations on taking the positive step to improve your health and fitness. Many people wish they could look great by eating junk food all day. That isn't going to happen. Although it might seem difficult and time-consuming to get into shape, the rewards of being healthy are numerous. Here are some tips that will help you start your journey towards a more fit body.

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1. Exercise Daily

At least an hour of exercise is recommended daily. Although running or jogging is not a must, you should still engage in moderate exercise throughout your day. For those who want to lose weight fast, a high-intensity workout is the best option. For example, you could go for a one-hour walk at a slow pace. Alternately, you could jog at a fast pace and choose certain sprint times. Be sure to not feel pain during your workout. You may experience muscle pain after a vigorous workout. It can be frustrating, but this is the sign of a healthy body. It is important to stay hydrated after a workout. Protein will keep your muscles and bones healthy.

2. Be sure to eat the right food and portions for each meal

Try to avoid sweets, regardless of how tempting it may seem to you to choose candy over healthy foods. Sugar from candy won't help with your weight loss. Even if it is just one candy bar or one, they will all eventually lead to another. If you want to get in shape, fruits and veggies are the best. For example apples make it easy to feel full for up 3-4 hours. Green vegetables such green beans and broccoli help keep your digestive system healthy.

Stick to lean meats. Other great choices include shrimp and tilapia. These foods provide plenty of protein and healthy nutritional to keep your muscles healthy and fit for work. Remember to portion what you are eating. A portioned meal is key to a fast metabolism. It is better to eat 6 times per day and have smaller portions than 3 large meals. This will make it easier to breathe when you exercise, and not huffing. This is due to the fact that your digestive system will produce less food which can lead to more energy being used for your exercise.

3. Keep track daily calories and food intake

To plan your physical exercises, it is useful to keep track how many calories consumed in a day. You may be wondering why bodybuilders have such large body mass. Bodybuilders eat healthier meals and plan ahead. The opposite is true for losing weight or achieving a better physique. This will require more physical activity than the calories you eat.

4. Make sure to get some sleep

Even though most of us work eight-hour hours during the day, it's important to get enough sleeping time to recharge your batteries. Although six to eight hours of rest will keep your body going through the day, you should take a break from exercise if you feel tired. Naps should not last more than a half hour. This will make it impossible to stay up later at night.

5. Stay Motivated

It is crucial to have goals and a positive mindset to stay in shape. Positive outlook will allow you to push yourself towards the results you desire.